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Dealpigg is a online offer distribution company.

We partner with media publishers and merchants across the Unites States, building a national distribution network for daily deal content. Online commerce is constantly growing and Dealpigg allows you to take advantage. There are plenty of reasons why you should partner with us, but the three most important are:


We do the work, you get the credit.

We do the behind-the-scenes work to make you look good. We create original online offer content and distribute it across our network, saving our merchants and publishers time, overhead and hassle.


As many deals as you want, anytime you want.

We are constantly refreshing our database of ready-to-run daily deal offers, and we make it easy to control and monitor your sales around the clock.


You earn revenue without incurring expenses.

Your balance sheets only see positive numbers. Joining the Dealpigg Network has absolutely
NO up-front costs. We succeed only when you succeed and that's the way it should be.

Daily deals have paved the way for direct online commerce.

The golden age of printed advertising and brick-and-mortar stores is over. Daily deals give you access to a national audience of consumers in an online social environment.

With daily deals, merchants expose their brand online and gain new customers. Media publishers leverage their existing audience and create an additional revenue stream. Everyone enjoys a bigger bottom line with NO up-front costs.

Revenue is earned up-front without creating any expenses.
Media publishers can leverage their existing audience.
Merchants gain new long term customers and reward existing customers.
Results are highly measurable and can be viewed in real time.
Zero risk! If a deal does not perform, you do not pay.
Merchants get unparalled value in online brand exposure.
Build and connect with your audience on a modern marketing platform.
In many cases, grow your email database and capture valuable user data.

We have the people.
We have the technology.

When you join the Dealpigg network, you gain a team of daily deal experts who are ready to help you succeed. Our dedicated publisher and merchant support staff is here for you.

You also gain access to The Deal Vault, our online database of daily deal offers. Manage your sales online anytime! You're never more than a call or click away from pumping up your bottom line.

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the vault
Access your account any time
Browse all offers relevant to your market
Search by price, category, discount, and more
Easily reserve and manage voucher codes
Return unsold voucher codes at no cost
Access copy and graphics for your offers
Fill gaps in your deal calendar with ease
Supplement your local offers with national offers

Joining the Dealpigg Network makes life easier.

Our goal is to support you. Our network gives you access to MORE offers and nationwide subscribers while creating LESS work. For publishers, we provide 100% reliable daily deal offers that will engage your subscribers. For merchants, we provide you with a turn-key distribution network for your product or service.

To illustrate, here is a side-by-side-by-side breakdown of responsibilities.

Find and research reputable merchants and publishers
Verify product/service authenticity
Negotiate details and logistics
Design an end-user friendly offer
Generate the deal's copy and graphic
Set up the redemption process
Supply voucher codes
Our Publishers
Run your Dealpigg deal
Collect and manage revenue!
Our Merchants
Fill orders from daily deal subscribers
Earn revenue and new customers!
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